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Black Woman TEARS Into the Black Lives Matter Movement: ‘ALL Lives Matter, Not Just Black Lives’

By  Aaron

Va’Shona Dixon, a young woman with a over 44,000 followers on Facebook, produced an epic video in which she unleashed a wrath of fury towards the Black Lives Matter movement, President Barack Obama, and race hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Dixon prefaced her video by saying she knew that she was going to draw a lot of heat for her comments, but they needed to be said. And then she held nothing back.

“I’m black and I’m proud, but I’m not walking around here with a chip on my shoulder acting like the world owes me something,” Dixon said. “Black Lives Matter is a cult. All lives matter, not just black lives. And Christians, my bone to pick is with Christian people. We’re supposed to know better. I’m sick of this mess.”

She also said that she wouldn’t come to a conclusion on the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings until all the facts come out.

“God knows the heart of those police officers and those two men that were shot,” Dixon said. “But I will say a lot of black murders are not done by cops. They’re done by black people.”

Later in the video, Dixon reiterated that the Black Lives Movement is “a cult” and accused Sharpton and Jackson are “throwing fuel on the fire.” Dixon then set her sights on Obama and the Democrats and pointed how cities like Chicago, IL and Gary, IN look like “death.”

“The Democratic Party, Obama, has done nothing for the black community,” Dixon said. “Get in your car and drive around…and look around, ’cause it’s looking the same, if not worse… All they doing is using black people to stay in power.”

A lot of Facebook comments praised Dixon for her scathing comments.

“Thank you for teling it like it is,” wrote one commenter. “The media will not. They tell it as they are told to by Obama and Clinton cronies.”

“I think she’s right,” another commenter wrote. “We should all pray more and try harder to do what’s right, protect our citizens, our country, our children. Don’t get left. Get right.”

(h/t: Steven Crowder)

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