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WATCH: Biden Does Not Know U.S. Population; Forgets Who He Rallied With Earlier This Year
Democratic Presidential hopeful former Vice-President Joe Biden speaks at the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO Workers Presidential Summit, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA, on September 17, 2019.
Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to have no clue as to what the U.S. population was during a talk on Tuesday and later forgot who he rallied with earlier this year.

Biden, while speaking at the Workers’ Presidential Summit in Philadelphia, said that his proposed $8,000 child tax credit would “put 720 million women back in the workforce.”

“You get a tax break for a race horse. Why in God’s name couldn’t we provide an $8,000 tax credit for everybody who has childcare costs?” Biden said. “It would put 720 million women back in the workforce. It would increase the GDP—to sound like a wonk here—by about eight-tenths of one percent. It would grow the economy.”

The current U.S. population is approximately 330 million people so it’s unclear where Biden got the notion that there are hundreds of millions more people living in the United States.


At another point during the event held by the AFL-CIO, Biden could not accurately remember who he rallied with earlier this year in Boston.

“When I went up to the Rite Aid strike, I looked out in that parking lot when I was talking with the folks when I was walking the picket line, up in Boston — and what happened? I looked out there, and I’ll bet you 40 percent of the people there were non-union,” Biden said.

The Boston Globe noted that the rally was force thousands of Stop & Shop workers who went on strike in April.

“Biden, who is now considered the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary, attended the boisterous rally in Boston after some 31,000 Stop & Shop workers, many of them part-timers, went on strike after months of negotiations between the company and their union failed to reach a new contract agreement,” The Boston Globe reported.

Biden has drifted further and further to the far-left during the Democratic primary race, criticizing Republicans’ desire to allow churchgoers to arm themselves so they are not the victims of mass shootings to supporting socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) $93 trillion “Green New Deal.”

Biden has also faced mounting questions about his mental health, including from members of his own party, after continued struggles with his memory and increasingly common gaffes become a theme of his campaign.

“I think we are at a tough point right now, because there’s a lot of people concerned about Joe Biden’s ability to carry the ball all the way across the end line without fumbling. And I think that Castro had really legitimate concerns about can he be someone in a long grueling campaign … and has every right to call out,” Cory Booker said after the last presidential debate. “I think there were a lot of moments where a number of us were looking on the stage when he tends to go on sometimes. At one point, he was talking about communities like mine listening to record players. I don’t remember the last time I saw a record player … But there are definitely moments where you listen to Joe Biden and you just wonder … ”

Booker’s comments came after Julian Castro slammed Biden’s mental state during the debate, saying: “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago. Are you forgetting already what you said just two minutes ago? I can’t believe that you said two minutes ago that they had to buy in, and now you’re saying they don’t have to — you’re forgetting that.”

Trump’s re-election campaign promoted a new video on Tuesday that raised doubts about Biden’s fitness. Fox News reports:

The web video, tweeted Tuesday morning by campaign manager Brad Parscale and shared first with Fox News, stitches together everything from his recent debate-stage musing about “record players” to his statement that “poor kids” are just as talented as “white kids.” Interspersed with the clips of the 76-year-old Biden’s comments are those of pundits wondering about his stumbles, shakiness, mental and physical stamina, whether he’s “lost a step” and whether he’s “equipped for a very grueling campaign.”