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WATCH: This Ad From GA Gubernatorial Candidate Holding A Shotgun Goes Viral

One GOP gubernatorial candidate in the state of Georgia released a no-nonsense campaign ad when it came to Second Amendment rights: he showed himself holding a shotgun while interviewing a prospective suitor for one of his daughters.

The ad from Brian Kemp, who is currently Georgia’s Secretary of State, precipitated outrage from some folks in Georgia, according to WXIA-TV, which published an article explaining why they could not legally remove the ad. The station wrote:

11Alive News has received many complaints on the commercial released last week by the Brian Kemp for Governor campaign. … The Federal Communications Commission’s political broadcast rules actually prohibit television stations from refusing or altering political advertising from any legally qualified candidate.

More specifically, the FCC says that a person who has publicly announced his or her intention to run for nomination or office, is qualified to run under the appropriate federal, state or local laws to run and has met all of the other necessary qualifications to run for and hold the office they are seeking, is permitted to purchase political advertising time within 45 days of a primary election or 60 days of a general or special election in which that person is a candidate.

Additionally, television stations cannot censor or alter the content of political ads being run in any way. The ads must be run in their original form — even if their content differs from the ordinary program content that the station would regularly air.

In the ad, Kemp sits back in his easy chair holding a shotgun while he asks questions of the young man, called “Jake.”

Kemp, serious-faced, states, “Jake asked why I was runnin’ for governor. Number one?”

Jake replies, “Cap government spending.”

Kemp: “Number two?”

Jake: “Take a chainsaw to regulations.”

Kemp: “Three?”

Jake: “Make Georgia number one for small businesses.”

Kemp: “And two things if you’re gonna date one of my daughters?”

Jake: “Respect …”

Kemp: “And?”

Jake: “A healthy appreciation for the Second Amendment. Sir. ”

Kemp cocks the shotgun, as he replies, “We’re gon’ get along just fine,” then finally smiles.

WXIA said some feedback from viewers has been highly negative; some calling the ad “offensive” and “very inappropriate,” with one viewer fulminating, “it is the sign of a psychopath and only invites violence against unarmed people and somehow justifies using firearms in a totally unwarranted situation.”

A spokesman for Kemp’s campaign issued a statement to WXIA, reading, “Brian Kemp is a conservative. Get over it. He loves his daughters, values our Second Amendment rights, and will be an unapologetic fighter for our families as Georgia’s next governor.”

Video below:

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