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WATCH: Actors Audition By Reading Pro-Gun Stats On Camera

By  Frank Camp

On Friday, Austen Fletcher’s YouTube channel, Fleccas Talks, released a video in conjunction with @MAGAmidge in which actors read gun statistics from a teleprompter.

According to Fletcher, the actors had “no previous knowledge of the script,” and were cold reading:

After reading some of the statistics, here’s what some of the actors said:

“Interesting. I haven’t – I just kind of blindly chose a side on the whole issue without really thinking about facts.”

“I mean, I’m gonna be honest. For me, I don’t really, like, go to the main news sources ‘cause a lot of it’s always, like, pushed by an agenda, you know what I mean? So, to get the real facts, you always have to do more research.”

“I mean, it definitely makes me want to do more research about, like, everything that’s happening right now with gun violence.”

It should be noted that in the description section below the video, Fletcher has listed all the organizations from which he and MAGA Midge obtained the gun statistics. For context regarding those statistics, read the pieces linked in the description. Additionally, according to Fletcher, two more videos have been filmed and are forthcoming.

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