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WATCH: Abortion Worker Tells Woman Baby Will Drown In A Jar Of ‘Solution’ If Born Alive

A horrific undercover video released by the pro-life group Live Action this week reveals an abortion clinic worker telling a woman that her baby would be drowned in a jar of “solution” if it were born alive during the procedure.

According to LifeNews, Live Action filmed the video as part of an undercover investigation in 2013 and circulated it once again this Wednesday as Congress debates a bill to protect newborn babies from infanticide.

“Our investigators exposed this New York abortion facility, which says they will put a born-alive baby in a jar of ‘solution’ to drown her,” Live Action founder Lila Rose tweeted Wednesday. “They also say to ‘flush’ the baby down the toilet, or ‘put it in a bag’ if she’s born alive.”

The 2013 investigation had an undercover activist seek an abortion at 23 weeks of pregnancy at Emily’s Women’s Center in the Bronx. This was before New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law legislation that allowed women to obtain an abortion for any reason up until birth. See video:

The abortion worker tells the undercover woman in the video that abortion on a six-month-old fetus would be a two-day procedure; if the baby were born alive at any point, it could be drowned, suffocated, or poisoned.

“Like, what if it was, like, twitching, or something like that,” the woman said in the video regarding the live baby.

“The solution will make it stop,” replied the clinic worker. “It’s not gonna be moving around in the jar. That’s the whole purpose of the solution.”

When the woman asked if the baby “looked like it was breathing,” the clinic worker said the solution would prevent that from happening any further. The clinic worker later clarifies that the “solution” is a toxic substance designed to poison the baby.

Later the woman asks what were to happen if she gave birth to a live baby while at home; the clinic worker tells her to either “flush it” or “put it in a bag.”

“If it comes out, then it comes out,” the worker said. “Flush it … or put it in a bag.”

The worker later advises her to not call the hospital since it would force her to give birth to a live baby.

Next week, the U.S. Senate will vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act designed to stop the kind of infanticide described in the video. “Pro-abortion Democrats have been trying to block the legislation for weeks,” reports LifeNews. “The largest abortion chain in America, Planned Parenthood, also is lobbying to keep infanticide legal in such cases.”

U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), sponsor of the bill, told LifeNews that the vote will force senators who claim to fight for the little to put their money where their mouth is.

“A lot of Senators spend a lot of time telling people how they fight for the little guy. Well, here’s the chance for them to prove it,” Sasse said. “We’re going to have a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and everyone is going to have to put their name by their vote.”

“It’s cowardly for a politician to say they’ll fight for the little guy but only if the little guy isn’t an actual 7-pound baby who’s fighting for life. It shouldn’t be hard to protect newborn babies – let’s pass this legislation,” he said.

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