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WALSH: Parents Who Let Their Toddlers Choose Their Own Genders Are Either Mentally Ill Or Evil

By  Matt

I announced some big personal news a few days ago: my wife is pregnant with our fourth child. Many people have asked about the gender of the new addition. As a noted progressive, I find these inquiries highly offensive. We allow our children to choose their own genders — along with their own ages, names, and species. Which is why my oldest is a 6,000-year-old dragon named Fart Poop and his gender is pirate.

That’s a joke, of course. I’m not mentally ill (despite common misconceptions), and a person would need to be mentally ill to think that a young child is capable of selecting his own biological identity. Nobody of any age is capable of such a thing, least of all a child who doesn’t even know what the term “biological identity” means. It is quite disturbing, then, to see how many mentally ill parents exist in this country, and how their insane and abusive parental strategies are hailed by the media.

The latest example of this madness comes to us courtesy of Charlize Theron, who recently complained that she is “shockingly single” at the age of 43. I think now we know why. In another interview, Theron “confirmed” that her 7-year-old son is actually a girl. The poor young boy, who she now parades around in a dress, announced his gender identity at the age of three, Theron claims: “Yes, I thought she was a boy, too. Until she looked at me when she was three years old and said: ‘I am not a boy!'”

I have a son who is almost three and twins who passed that threshold a couple of years ago. I can say from experience that a child at that age knows almost nothing about the world. He cannot speak in complex sentences. He thinks cartoons are real. He doesn’t know the difference between truth and fiction — not because he confuses one with the other but because he literally can’t comprehend the distinction between the two categories. He believes in Santa and unicorns and monsters under his bed. He thinks that his toys come to life when he leaves the room. He is slightly more intelligent than a goat and slightly less intelligent than a dolphin. He believes anything he is told on any subject. When my twins were that age, I told them that I used to live on the Moon with my pet flying shark named Rocky. They were so thrilled by this biographical detail that I didn’t have the heart to admit I was joking. They may still believe it, for all I know. What I’m trying to stress here is that three-year-old children are very, very young and very, very limited in their ability to understand things. And one subject they certainly cannot grasp is biology.

The next time you hear a three-year-old boy claim to be a girl (an extraordinarily common phenomenon, as any parent knows), ask him a follow up question: “What is a girl?” He will not be able to answer this brain teaser. “Girl” is just a word to him. It’s a sound people make. When he says “I’m a girl,” he may as well be saying, “I’m a whoozlewhatzit.” The statement has almost no meaning at all. At the absolute most, the declaration means that he is interested in the things that his little toddler brain associates with girls: bright colors, princesses, fairies, dolls, etc. It probably doesn’t even mean that much because most three-year-olds aren’t quite advanced enough to draw those connections. But if he is, then “I’m a girl” can be roughly translated to “I think Tinker Bell is cool” or “I’d like to wear a pink shirt.”

Of course, this whole conversation is unnecessary because our sex is not something we can reject or change at any age. But if I hit my head and woke up believing that biology is an adjustable characteristic, I would need to suffer several more traumatic brain injuries before I would think that a toddler can make those adjustments. Even a person confused enough to believe in the concept of “transgenderism” should still be sane enough to understand why a human being only three or four years removed from the womb cannot possibly be entrusted with the decision.

Are Charlize Theron and company really that insane? Or are they purposefully instilling gender-confusion into their perfectly healthy and normal children simply to be fashionable? Wickedness or mental illness appear to be the only possible explanations here. Between those options, the latter is the more flattering assumption, but I fear the former might be closer to the truth.

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