WALSH: Samantha Bee Should Be Fired Immediately


Samantha Bee, who has the comedic wit of a paper towel, launched into a vile and insane rant against Ivanka Trump last night. She called the president’s daughter a “feckless c*nt” and told her to put on something “tight and low cut” and flaunt herself in front of her father. And this was not an off-the-cuff tweetstorm, we should note. This was a written, planned, and produced monologue on Bee’s TBS show.

She should be fired immediately. And we should demand that she be fired.

I was highly critical of Roseanne’s comments about Valerie Jarrett. I supported ABC’s decision to terminate her. Now TBS and Samantha Bee must be held to the same standard. It is not a difficult or stringent standard. It is merely a standard of basic decency. Those who cannot be basically decent, or even minimally decent, or even “don’t call the president’s daughter a c*nt on national TV” decent, should not be given highly visible and highly profitable platforms.

This has nothing at all to do with the First Amendment. The vast majority of the “free speech issues” in our society are not really free speech issues at all. Samantha Bee has every right to call the president’s daughter a “c*nt.” I would categorically oppose any law restricting her ability to do so. But the question is this: Should she be paid millions of dollars to do it on TV? The Bill of Rights has no opinion at all on that question.

Despite what we are often told, it is actually possible to have a country where free speech and decency coexist. It is not necessary that we choose between the two. Both can be achieved at once. One of the ways to accomplish that goal is to refrain from giving television shows to vulgar, reprehensible, no-talent hacks like Samantha Bee. She has no right to a TV show. Hosting a show is a privilege, and I think it rather obvious that the privilege ought to be revoked if you use your platform the way Bee used — and often uses — hers.

The Left certainly agrees with me on this point — as it pertains to conservatives or alleged conservatives, anyway. They did not want to restrict Roseanne’s speech. They just insisted that a major television network should not employ the sort of person who would say the sort of thing that Roseanne said. I happen to agree with that logic. The only difference is that I think it should be applied equally.

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