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WALL STREET WARREN: Senator Pays A Secret Visit To The Big Bankers

By  Emily Zanotti

She may be famous for calling out “big banks” from the Senate floor, but America’s pre-eminent Harvard diversity hire, Elizabeth Warren, is changing her tune now that she needs to raise money for a mid-term presidential run.

Elizabeth Warren has been making the rounds on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, meeting with some of the nation’s most powerful money men — but it wasn’t to conduct a sit-in in their office hallways, or instruct them in the benefits of a progressive tax system that punishes the wealthy, or even to beg for student loan forgiveness. She was there to make peace, ostensibly so that the big banks she loves to hate won’t be too aggressive in challenging her fledgling presidential run.

According to The New York Times, Warren met with static when she began to approach New York financial executives, but, nevertheless, she persisted. She even met privately with JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, a man she regularly rakes over the coals in public speeches.

“Maybe even more striking than invoking Scripture, the scourge of Wall Street is spending some time with bankers,” the NYT reported. “She attended a party fund-raiser in July at the summer residence of a former UBS executive, and earlier this summer she met privately in Washington with JPMorgan Chase’s chief executive, Jamie Dimon.”

That should be unwelcome news to anyone who believes Warren is somehow the anointed progressive alternative to President Donald Trump.

The situation has become so confusing for some Wall Street types, according to the NYT, that they’ve been openly discussing Warren’s two-timing, calling her out for saying one thing to her constituents and acolytes, and another to Wall Street Bankers, and claiming that Warren is far less critical of Wall Street financial practices in private than she is in public.

“I think Senator Warren’s views are more pragmatic; I think she is very different in a conversation than when she’s on the stump,” said UIBS executive Robert Wolf, who hosted the Hamptons party Warren attended over the summer.

There’s a clear reason for the about face: Warren needs to court major donors if she intends to run in 2020, and Hillary Clinton’s former donor base is a natural fit. But Wall Street never feared Clinton, who cashed their checks regularly, both as a private citizen and as a presidential candidate. Warren, conversely, needs to assure these same donors that she does not intend to make good on her public promises to break up big banks, jail Wall Street bigwigs, and restructure the American financial system to benefit the 99%.

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