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Viva la Cord-Cutting Revolución! ESPN Losing 10,000 Subscribers PER DAY.

Even the combined strength of The Avengers and The Force cannot save the Walt Disney Company from the drag that is the left-wing ESPN. Reports indicate that the once-universally beloved sports network is not only tanking Disney’s earnings, but ESPN is losing as many as 10,000 subscribers per day!

Between 2011 and 2016, ESPN lost a whopping 12 million subscribers, a massive drop from 100 million to below 88 million.

Although this of course has resulted in a drop in advertising revenue, the hemorrhaging of subscribers is having a much bigger financial impact elsewhere and everywhere.

Like a number of cable networks, ESPN earns a monthly carriage fee per subscriber. Whether or not you watch ESPN, if it is included on your cable/satellite package, ESPN receives $7 per subscriber every single month. That is $84 per year. Multiply that by 12 million, and you are looking at a $1 billion loss … annually.

How important are these subscriber fees to the left-wing mainstream media, the entertainment industry overall, and Disney specifically? The Wrap reports

At an estimated $7 per subscriber, that dip has been a substantial hit to Disney, especially considering media networks made up 49 percent of Disney’s profits during fiscal 2016.

If I may digress a bit…

These carriage fees are the one-legged stool keeping the mainstream media and Hollywood afloat. They are also why your cable bill is so obnoxiously expensive.

Whether or not you watch left-wing networks such as MSNBC, CNN, MTV or ESPN, if they are on your cable package, you are keeping them alive through your cable bill. You are paying to sustain the very outlets attempting to destroy you.

Without these carriage fees, because their ratings are so low, outlets like MSNBC, CNN and MTV could hardly survive. The only way to stop this madness is to cancel your cable package. You can read more about how you can survive this here.

How bad is ESPN doing? At the box office, thanks primarily to its Marvel/Star Wars/Pixar juggernauts, Disney is breaking all kinds of records. Then there are the iconic theme parks and worldwide merchandising. By every measure, Disney should be riding higher than ever. Unfortunately, the deadly combination of ESPN’s massive overhead and fleeing subscribers resulted in Disney’s latest quarterly report showing revenues down -3% and profits plummeting by double digits, -14%.

And everyone knows why…

For some insane reason, ESPN took a hard-left turn into the Social Justice Sports Network.

And the insane reason is that, eventually, leftists have to ruin everything.

Polls show that President Barry divided our country in ways unseen since the Civil War. Sports used to be an oasis from politics; the one place where Americans of all political stripes could come together, relax, and bond over a shared, universal passion.

But Leftists just won’t allow this. Currently, at the national and local levels, the Democrat Party is sidelined to a degree unseen since Reconstruction. As the Party becomes more and more marginalized, they panic and get hysterical — under the bizarre impression that politicizing everything will somehow win converts. We’re seeing this happen in the increasingly unhinged national news media. And ESPN has been off-the-rails for years now.

But the result is not converts, the result is the ruination of sports.

There’s a reason NFL ratings took a dive in 2016 — Colin Kaepernick.

And it is not just leftism turning people off, it is an intolerance towards conservatives and conservative ideas. The NFL is now battling Texas over a law that protects women from men using their bathrooms. Last year, ESPN fired baseball great Curt Schilling for his “unapproved” views. Rather than silence him, though, he just jumped over to Breitbart News, where he now has a daily online radio show.

Which brings me to an even larger point…

When ESPN had a captive audience, meaning a cable television monopoly, it behaved itself. But now that Americans are buried in entertainment options — streaming, piracy, video games, etc. — and almost all of those options are much cheaper than cable television, ESPN suddenly loses its mind.

I’m not sure what the Left’s endgame is in its attempt to politicize absolutely everything. If you look at the election results and television ratings, it is backfiring…bigly.

And while it is a shame for sports fans that they can no longer just sit back and enjoy themselves without being called racist homophobes, we now live in a world where appointment television is dead, where we can program our own entertainment choices.

The fastest, easiest and most effective way to defeat the Social Justice Fascists at ESPN, CNN and elsewhere, is to cut your cable cord.

I did, and not only am I saving a fortune, my quality of life has improved dramatically.

Join the Cord-Cutting Revolution.

There is no downside.

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