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‘The View’ Bleeps Out Jesus’ Name — Twice

By  Hank Berrien

Here’s a quick quiz:

If your stomach was so upset that you decided you needed an emetic, and didn’t have one on hand, forcing you to watch the harpies on The View so you could get that rancid food out of your stomach, and one of the hosts on the show was discussing the 10 Commandments and mentioned Jesus’ name, and both times it was mentioned, it was bleeped out, what would you suspect?

Paula Farris was referencing her strict Christian upbringing when she stated, “My parents were really strict about what we said in the home. We couldn’t say, ‘Oh, my God.’ We couldn’t say J.C., we couldn’t say Je- (bleeped out) … My son, we could say ‘Jeez’ … unless you were praising him, and then you could say, (bleeped out).”

So here are your choices:

1. The producers on the show revere Jesus’ name. (Okay, okay, let me know when you’ve stopped laughing. As Brandon Morse of RedState has pointed out, “The View has mocked Christians in the past for not wanting to pay for people’s birth control. The View tried to also attack a coach for praying after the game on the 50-yard line.”)

2. They don’t like messing around with the name of God. (Nahh, watch the clip; they’ve got no problem mentioning God’s name.)

3. They might not want to offend those on the Left to whom Christianity is a dirty word. (Hmm.)


Video below, starting at 4:00:

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