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Video: Women On The Street Explain Why They Hate Hillary

By  Chase Stephens

Media analyst and YouTuber Mark Dice took to the streets once again to ask the public what they think of this year’s presidential election, specifically, what they think about ol’ Crooked Hillary.

In the video (below), titled “Why Women Hate Hillary Clinton,” Dice gives women the opportunity to voice their concerns about the character and integrity of the former Secretary of State, and the results are brutally honest.

“What’s wrong with Hillary? Why do everybody hate her,” Dice asks the first woman who replies, “Because she’s a criminal.”

“She’s a liar and I hate her voice,” another woman tells him, adding, “Her voice drives me crazy.”

A few more ladies tell Mark that Hillary is a liar, she’s terrible, with one woman adding, “She lost to Obama eight years ago so why is she still running. It’s kind of absurd to me.”

The women also had problems with Hillary’s constant scandals, dirty money, bad policies, and her relentlessly playing the gender card.

“I just believe in more personal freedom and less government control,” one jogger told the host, while another summed it up with, “It’s time for a change, Hillary’s out of here.”

Exit thought from Dice:

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