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USC Approves Ben Shapiro Speech; Leftist Group Loses It

By  James

A left-wing student group at the University of Southern California has sprung into action after the student government approved a funding request by conservative students to bring Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro to campus.

Shapiro’s past campus appearances have been repeatedly targeted by radical left-wing activists, whose actions have convinced universities that it’s necessary to provide extensive security measures to ensure the safety of students who want to attend his talks.

In a statement issued Monday, the USC Latinx Student Assembly called on other activists to “#SoundTheAlarm” over Shapiro’s planned speech. The mainstream conservative pundit and author, the group says in the call to action, “perpetuates hate speech including racism, transphobia, and islamophobia,” while the security personnel required to keep students safe for the event is a threat to “marginalized students” and staff.

“Last week, the Undergraduate Student Government granted funding to a student organization, the Young Americans for Freedom, to help them bring Ben Shapiro to campus,” the Latinx announcement begins. “Ben Shapiro perpetuates hate speech including racism, transphobia, and islamophobia. Bringing him to campus is essentially an endorsement by USC for hate speech.”

The additional security personnel for the event — prompted by a series of violent protests by Antifa and other left-wing groups over the last few years — is a threat to students, particularly minorities and left-wing protesters, the group contends.

“YAF will use student programming funds to increase security with the presence of the LAPD, undercover officers, and surveillance under the guise of ‘protecting’ students,” the statement warns. “This puts marginalized students, campus staff, and the surrounding community at risk.”

After citing the provost’s statement of commitment to protecting students, the group portrays police officers as generally racist: “This calls into question who is truly being protected, as the safety of USC’s own students is threatened by this police presence with the risk of racial profiling and targeting.”

According to the group, allowing a mainstream conservative to come to campus and providing the necessary security to protect him because of past left-wing violence at similar events is a display of “hypocrisy” by the administration.

“The hypocrisy displayed by the supposed representative of the USC administration has betrayed the trust of marginalized students by funding this event that threatens, dehumanizes, and endangers our communities,” the call to action reads. “This event and USC’s support behind it gives more space and support to dangerously radical conservatives on campus.”

USC Latinx Student Assembly full announcement below:

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