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University Tries To Shut Down Dissident Professor With Security Fees

Next Saturday, Dr. Jordan Peterson — a free speech champion and psychology professor — is scheduled to speak at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. Unfortunately, it’s not going to come cheap for the small friend-group of university students who decided to invite him.

Western has mandated that the group of friends pay $1000 in security fees to hear the professor speak. You know, just to make sure that the SJWs protesting against free “violent” “hate” speech don’t themselves get violent and break the university’s stuff.

The covert strategy of silencing invited speakers by imposing overpriced fees on organizers seeking to host them on campuses is not new to universities. Really not new.

Peterson’s popularity soared earlier this year when he rightly refused to indulge in the solipsistic delusion of using gender-neutral pronouns like “ze” and “zer”. Demand to hear the professor speak is now high, as students are eager to hear what he has to say regarding free speech, politics, psychology, science and religion.

TORONTO, ON – NOVEMBER, 19 Peterson speaks. At the University of Toronto (UofT) professors debated controversial prof Jordan Peterson over gender-specific language. It was a quiet crowd of students and academics with no protests or outbursts. (Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

The students who invited Peterson to speak are forming a new organization called Young Canadians in Action (YCIA). In just three days, the students managed to sell over 450 tickets after creating a Facebook group for the event. Not bad for a couple of buddies who simply wanted to expose their peers to differing ideas.

Despite the rapid ticket sales, Western’s students and administration are no strangers to the realm of censoring speech – both political and facetious. Earlier this year, the administration prompted a police investigation into students who jokingly took a picture in front of a banner that read, “Western Lives Matter.” The university’s student council president was quick to virtue signal, promptly releasing a video condemning the banner and describing it as “the epitome of privilege and ignorance.” In 2010, conservative talk radio host Andrew Lawton invited Ann Coulter to speak on Western’s campus. Her invitation was met with hundreds of protesters.

Since hundreds of tickets have already been sold for next Saturday’s event, YCIA is doing what it can to make the event happen despite the new mandated security fee and inflated booking costs.

If you would like to donate to help YCIA cover the cost of the event, you can message them on their Facebook page.

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