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University Offers Counseling Services To Students Upset By Steven Crowder’s “Rape Culture Is A Myth” Stunt

A university has offered counseling services for those “adversely affected” by a conservative commentator asking students to convince him that “rape culture” is real.

Steven Crowder, host of “Louder with Crowder,” set up a table that featured a banner saying: “Rape Culture Is A Myth, Change My Mind” in front of Texas Christian University (TCU) on Monday and debated emotional students who claimed American society supports and encourages raping women. After Crowder and his team left, TCU’s official Twitter account acknowledged his First Amendment right to “express his views,” but insisted “the sentiments he expressed do not align with TCU’s values.”

TCU followed up this tweet with another saying Crowder’s views (that the U.S. does not, in fact, tolerate raping women) “adversely affected many members of our campus community.” The account then linked to counseling services and the Title IX office, which handles claims of sex discrimination.

TCU’s Title IX website discusses discrimination and harassment, but the school would have no authority to investigate or punish Crowder for any complaint filed against him.

In response to a Daily Wire inquiry, Crowder questioned TCU’s tweets regarding his presence:

I was stating in the affirmative that the United States, and particularly campus’ in general do not perpetuate a “rape culture.” TCU went out of their way to strongly disagree with me. What does that say about the TCU culture?

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