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UN Seeks To Target Israeli Settlements, Trump SLAMS

The Obama administration suggested Thursday that it would refrain from attempting to block an anti-Israel UN security council resolution calling for an end to settlement building activities. Throwing out years of pro-Israel advocacy in the United Nations, the administration’s decision marked a major break from de facto US policy. According to Reuters, “two Western officials said that U.S. President Barack Obama had intended to abstain from the vote, a relatively rare step by the United States to register criticism of the building on occupied land that the Palestinians want for a state.”

The vote on the resolution was scheduled for Thursday afternoon, but Egypt, the country that initially proposed the draft to the resolution, delayed the vote until further notice. Early reports indicate that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi received a call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, asking him to obstruct the vote. Western diplomats also told Reuters that el-Sisi’s decision was partly fueled by a desire not to prematurely offend President-elect Donald Trump who had vehemently opposed the resolution.

The Egyptian president’s office added that Sisi had spoke to Trump directly about the matter.

“The presidents agreed on the importance of affording the new U.S. administration the full chance to deal with all dimensions of the Palestinian case with a view of achieving a full and final settlement,” stated presidency spokesman Alaa Yousef.

The Trump transition team has signaled a sharp break from the hostile Israel policies of the Obama administration.

Over his nearly eight years in office, Obama has demonized Israel’s settlement building activities in the West Bank, suggesting that Jewish State’s supposedly belligerent behavior is a major impediment to the so-called peace process. Downplaying the terrorism of Palestinian jihadists, the White House once even insisted all future negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis should be based on pre-1967 borders, a provocation that angered Prime Minister Netanyahu and his cabinet.

But President-elect Trump’s choice of David Friedman as the next US ambassador to Israel has pushed all the right buttons in the anti-Israel Left. An ardent defender of settlements and pro-Israel hawk, Friedman has already said that he has plans to take the US embassy in Tel Aviv to its rightful place in the Jewish people’s eternal capital of Jerusalem.

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