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U.N. Reveals Obama’s Big Giveaways For The Iranians

A watchdog agency for the United Nations has exposed President Barack Obama’s massive sellout to the Iranians.

According to The Weekly Standard, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has unleashed documents showing secret agreements in the Iran deal that granted Iran exemptions for producing nuclear energy beyond the 300 kilogram cap that the deal established. Details about these secret deals had been leaked before, but this the first time they have been made public.

An anonymous congressional source told The Weekly Standard that the Obama administration had tried to keep the secret deals under wraps so they could declare that the Iran deal was being adhered to.

“The only reason that the nuclear deal is still in place is because the Obama team has been secretly rewriting to let Iran cheat,” the source said. “The only question is, what’s still not being told?”

David Albright, who founded and runs the Institute for Science and International Security, said that when his organization first unearthed the side agreements, the Obama administration was “really nasty” toward them.

“It was very tough for us to get the information,” Albright said. “…I think that if we hadn’t released, they had every intention to keep it secret. They may have given lip service to openness, but I think their intention was to keep it secret.”

The Obama administration has been pressed about these secret side agreements before, but has denied it.

“Iran’s nuclear commitments under the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] have not changed. There’s been no moving of the goal post, as it were,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said in a September press briefing. “The joint commission has always been intended to address implementation issues when they arise. That’s the whole purpose for it. And as I said, the work of the joint commission, as stipulated in the agreement itself, is to be confidential.”

But the IAEA has confirmed that the administration is lying, and it’s only going to get worse; National Review‘s Andrew McCarthy has noted that the nuclear exemptions will be granted for perpetuity, and “more exemptions” are on the way.

“Under the JCPOA, Iran gets paid, gets to keep materially supporting terrorism, gets to build its industrial-size nuclear program, gets to develop ballistic missiles in anticipation of loading nuclear payloads, gets to narrow the ‘breakout’ time necessary to convert to weapons-grade the uranium that Obama is helping them enrich, and gets to run roughshod over any terms it finds too inconvenient,” wrote McCarthy. “What does the United States get? A devious, enemy-empowering, post-American president waving around his legacy ‘agreement’ as the international press swoons, the armed forces of the jihadist regime menace the United States Navy, and the world edges closer to war.”

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