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UH-OH: Trump Didn’t Dump The Iran Deal. Now A Majority Of Republicans Approve Of It.

President Donald Trump has yet to scrap the Iran deal after railing against it throughout the campaign. Now a majority of Republicans support the disastrous Iran deal.

A new poll from Morning Consult/Politico shows that 53 percent of Republican voters support the Iran deal and only 38 percent oppose it. In the summer of 2016, 37 percent of Republicans supported and in the summer prior to that 10 percent supported the Iran deal.

The support for the Iran deal as a whole has increased as now 56 percent of American voters support the deal while only 29 percent oppose it. In August 2016, 49 percent supported the deal and 36 percent opposed it and in August 2015 56 percent opposed it and 27 percent supported it.

This is a disturbing trend of support for a disastrous deal; it seems that the increased support is coming from Republicans, which means that the culprit for higher support of the Iran deal is likely Trump.

On April 18, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent Congress a letter stating that Iran is following the deal, although it has been reported that Trump added language hammering Iran for being a state sponsor of terror. Tillerson later slammed the deal. But despite the rhetoric, the Iran deal remains in place and there is no indication that it’s going to be repealed in the near future.

The Iran deal has been a complete disaster, as The Daily Wire‘s Michael Qazvini explains here, especially in light of a recent report of how the Obama administration undercut federal agents and prosecutors from going after individuals involved supplying Iran with illegal arms.

But these poll results along with other recent polls showing that Republicans have a newfound love of big government highlight the sad truth that Barack Obama truly has fundamentally transformed the country. There is nothing to indicate that Obama’s legacy is going to be demolished by Trump and the Republicans in Congress in the near future; Republicans voters seem to be content with that. If even Republicans support the Iran deal now, then Iran is all but guaranteed to acquire nuclear weapons unless the Trump administration or a future administration intervenes.

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