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Twitter Hires Anti-Trump Academics To Combat Bias

Twitter’s new campaign of trying to promote healthy conversations and combating hate speech has run into problems; a review of the social media accounts belonging to the academics hired by the platform to assist in the project show they have a strong anti-Trump bias.

The review comes after multiple reports surfaced last week alleging Twitter had a bias against conservative media accounts and accounts belonging to Republican politicians and their aides.

In a blog post from this week, Twitter wrote that their project will focus on “incivility and intolerance in Twitter conversations” in which they intend to crack down on “hate speech” they deem as “threatening to democracy.”

However, a review conducted by Fox News showed that many of the academics hired by Twitter have intolerant views toward President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Dr. Patricia Rossini and Dr. Jennifer Stromer-Galley of Syracuse University and Dr. Nava Tintarev of Delft University of Technology are also involved in the project and have shown they despise of the president on their Twitter accounts.

This comes after Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey shared an article from his Twitter account in April calling for sweeping victories by Democrats in America’s new “civil war.”

Dorsey said the article was a “great read.”

“Many of Twitter’s actions continue to be concerning for conservatives,” Republican Party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, speaking on Twitter’s bias against conservatives. “If Twitter wants to restore healthy conversations, they should start by talking with Americans outside of their bubble.”