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Twitter Bans Conservative Writer, Combat Vet Jesse Kelly. They Likely Violated Their Own Policy In Doing So.

By  Amanda

Conservative writer, radio host, and combat veteran Jesse Kelly was banned from Twitter on Sunday. According to the explanation and screenshot provided by Kelly to The Daily Wire, Twitter violated their own policy by not informing him of the content that apparently earned him the permanent suspension.

Kelly claims the only communication he had with Twitter regarding the ban was the following message: “Your account was permanently suspended due to multiple or repeat violations of the Twitter rules. The account will not restored. Please do not respond to this email as replies and new appeals for this account will not be monitored.”

Kelly told The Daily Wire that aside from the screenshot provided, there was “no explanation” provided by Twitter.

The combat vet confirmed that he sent the following sarcastic statement, which he called “hilarious,” to podcast host and former Playboy writer Bridget Phetasy: “Throughout history, the powers that be have always feared greatness. Nelson Mandela and I aren’t the first to be persecuted. We won’t [be] the last. I’m just happy my memory will be passed down from generation to generation,” he said.

Conservatives have been worried about the seemingly targeted censorship of conservatives on social media platforms like Twitter for some time, now. As noted by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro in July, Twitter essentially copped to so-called “shadowbanning” conservatives accounts: “Twitter’s argument is that they aren’t preventing you from seeing the tweets of people you follow — they’re just requiring you to visit their Twitter pages directly. Which is shadowbanning,” he wrote.

The ban on Kelly, who says he doesn’t even cuss on his account, coupled with the new Orwellian Twitter guidelines regarding transgenderism, only adds legitimacy to the growing concerns from the Right.

Moreover, Twitter isn’t even upholding their own restrictive policies. As highlighted by conservative writer Jeryl Bier, Twitter violated their own policy when they banned Kelly without informing him of the content it deemed to be in violation (h/t

Under “permanent suspension,” says they will inform users “which content was in violation” (emphasis added):

This is our most severe enforcement action. Permanently suspending an account will remove it from global view, and the violator will not be allowed to create new accounts. When we permanently suspend an account, we notify people that they have been suspended for abuse violations, and explain which policy or policies they have violated and which content was in violation.

“Twitter should not be regulated as a utility, but they’re going to end up being regulated if they continue to attack only people on the Right with little or no explanation,” Kelly told The Daily Wire.

In August, Kelly warned conservatives in a piece at The Federalist that tech companies and the Left more broadly would “not stop at Alex Jones” when it comes to censorship.

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