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The Tucker Carlson Antifa Mob Attack Is More Dangerous Than The Trump-Acosta Spat

By  Ben Shapiro

On Wednesday evening, an Antifa mob descended on Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington, D.C. to threaten his family. The mob stood outside chanting, “We know where you sleep,” and one person pounded on the front door and screamed; that person apparently cracked the front door. Carlson’s wife locked herself in the pantry and called 911. Carlson has four children, but nobody was home. As Allahpundit reports at HotAir, it gets worse:

They made it clear that they were there to terrorize Carlson’s family. One of the “protesters” allegedly threatened to bring a pipe bomb to the home; another said the Carlsons should “leave town.” According to WaPo, a Facebook item posted by Smash Racism D.C. read “Fascists are vulnerable. Confront them at their homes!”

The Antifa members have their defenders on the Left. co-founder Matt Yglesias, the Ralph Wiggum of political commentary, tweeted out his defense of the mob:

Jennifer Rubin, who was driven around the bend by President Trump’s election, sent out this tweet:

This, of course, is absurd. Disagree with Sarah Huckabee Sanders all you want – you can’t invade her house. But Democrats and media members have been encouraging this type of mob action for months, from Maxine Waters to Don Lemon.

Meanwhile, the media have reacted in shock and horror to the White House’s decision to temporarily revoke the “hard pass” for CNN’s Jim Acosta after Acosta badgered Trump and refused to give up the microphone, in the process coming into physical contact with a White House intern. Acosta is a terrible reporter, a grandstanding opinion machine masquerading as a hard-charging objective journalist, and his behavior in the press room has been egregious for months; it would be worthwhile to stop giving him questions simply to allow other, better White House reporters to take up more time. CNN, after all, has other White House reporters available.

But the press have taken Acosta’s temporary rejection as a deeply disturbing, malign attack on the First Amendment itself. That’s absurd.

Now, two things can be wrong at once. The White House could be better served by giving Acosta back his press pass and then freezing him out and the media should stop promoting mob violence against other commentators like Carlson. But the media’s disproportionate response to mob violence directed at a journalist’s home, compared with their coverage of Acosta’s momentary time out, is rather telling.

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