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Trump Threatens Veto, Comes Up With New Label For Dems Ahead Of Border Wall Vote

By  James Barrett

The Senate is set to vote Thursday on President Trump’s much-critiqued national emergency declaration directing funds to building a security wall at the southern border. Ahead of the big vote, Trump has issued some preemptive warnings, declaring he’s “prepared to veto, if necessary” and coining a new label for Democrats: “Border Deniers.”

“A big National Emergency vote today by The United States Senate on Border Security & the Wall (which is already under major construction). I am prepared to veto, if necessary. The Southern Border is a National Security and Humanitarian Nightmare, but it can be easily fixed!” Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

“The Democrats are ‘Border Deniers,'” he added. “They refuse to see or acknowledge the Death, Crime, Drugs and Human Trafficking at our Southern Border!”

While it’s no surprise that Senate Democrats are expected to vote against Trump’s national emergency declaration Thursday, many Republicans are expected to join them in shooting down the measure. Only four Republican defectors would be enough to block Trump’s declaration.

“The Republicans are predicting that the showdown vote will result in Congress sending Trump a resolution blocking the border emergency he proclaimed last month to steer an extra $3.6 billion to building border barriers,” the New York Post reports.

“On Wednesday, Senate passage of the resolution was all but guaranteed after the collapse of efforts by the White House and Republican senators to reach compromise on separate legislation by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, curtailing presidents’ powers to declare emergencies in the future,” the Post notes.

If Trump vetoes the resolution, both the House and the Senate would need a two-thirds majority vote on the resolution to overturn Trump’s action.

Trump felt compelled to issue the national emergency after Congress refused to fully fund his request for $5.7 billion for building a segment of the border wall. After the stalemate over the issue led to the longest government shutdown in history, the Democrat-controlled House agreed to give Trump $1.375 billion, or about a fifth of what he’d requested.

Trump has been steadily hammering the crisis at the border for weeks, repeatedly citing examples of the dangers and injustice of illegal immigration and Democrats’ “open borders” agenda. He’s also been trying to apply pressure to Republicans to back him, efforts that appear to have fallen short.

“Republican Senators have a very easy vote this week,” he tweeted Monday. “It is about Border Security and the Wall (stopping Crime, Drugs etc.), not Constitutionality and Precedent. It is an 80% positive issue. The Dems are 100% United, as usual, on a 20% issue, Open Borders and Crime. Get tough R’s!”

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