Trump Melts Down on Twitter: ‘Not Worth It!’


Donald Trump kept himself under control last night in Iowa after underperforming in the caucuses and finishing second to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) while barely beating Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). He graciously stated that he was honored by his finish, and then left the stage.

It was the best side of Donald Trump we’d seen yet. He avoided the dreaded Dean Scream™, knowing he still held the lead in New Hampshire. He didn’t implode. He then engaged in a 13-hour Twitter hiatus, prompting Politico to put up a running clock.

And then he came back. And that rare moment of introspection and quietude ended with a bang. Watch as Trump’s controlled rhetoric gives way to enraged ranting over the course of 36 minutes:

We haven’t answered yet just how glass Trump’s jaw is in New Hampshire. But he isn’t helping himself by essentially telling his own followers that his sacrifices aren’t worth it. Complaining in the wake of his first loss isn’t becoming – he should be playing up his performance in Iowa and then talking optimistically about how he’s going to beat all comers in New Hampshire. Instead, he’s obsessing and pouting.

Will he collapse far enough to lose New Hampshire? It’s doubtful – he’d have to drop at least ten points in the polls in a week, and then Cruz or Rubio, presumably, would have to bump by at least that much. Playing it cool would be the smart move here. But Trump is pathologically incapable of playing it cool.

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