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Trump Disinvites Stephen Curry and The Golden State Warriors To The White House Because They’re ‘Hesitant’

What. A. Baby.

President Trump took to Twitter this Saturday to disinvite Stephen Curry and The Golden State Warriors from visiting the White House amidst reports that the NBA champs were having a team meeting to decide whether or not to go. Although no formal invitation has been sent to the Warriors, there remains a long-ish tradition of NBA champs visiting the White House.

Trump’s tweet seems to have come after Stephen Curry announced that he would vote “no” regarding his team’s visit to the White House.

Both Trump and Curry are wrong in this situation, but Trump is more wrong. First off, it seems like the president is upset that these guys aren’t jumping at the opportunity to visit him. Rescinding an invite because the team is holding a meeting concerning whether or not to go? Grow up, Mr. President. Second, why not just let the Warriors look like the bad guys for not going?

Based on the tweet, it also seems like Trump’s blaming the entire Warriors team for Stephen Curry’s decision not to go. Tim Thomas, an NHL goalie for the Boston Bruins, refused to attend his team’s White House visit under Obama. Obama did not subsequently rescind the invite for the entire team.

Trump needs to realize that he’s the president. This tweet indicates that he’ll stoop to the lows of his critics.

And yes. This means the Warriors are absolutely wrong as well. The White House visit actually has little to do with who occupies the current seat in the Oval Office. It’s a White House visit. It isn’t a visit to the president. The tradition extends far beyond whatever current political issues are at hand. If anything, it’s an opportunity to foster unity and coming together. Even commissioner Adam Silver suggested that electing to not visit the White House would be a “missed opportunity.”

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