‘Tragic Day’: Alec Baldwin Blames Cuomo Ouster On ‘Cancel Culture’
US actor Alec Baldwin attends DreamWorks Animation's "The Boss Baby: Family Business" premiere at SVA Theatre on June 22, 2021 in New York City.
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Alec Baldwin responded to Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation Tuesday by calling it “tragic” and blaming the U.S. political system for attracting people who are especially susceptible to “cancel culture.”

“Regardless of what you think of Cuomo, this is a tragic day,” Baldwin tweeted. “Party politics in this country draw ambitious but ultimately isolated, even socially maladjusted men and women who, given the current cancel culture, will likely have their shortcomings exposed and magnified.”

Cuomo announced Tuesday that he would be stepping aside as governor following a report from the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James’s office that found he sexually harassed 11 women.

Baldwin has before criticized what he described as cancel culture. As The Hill reported:

It’s not the first time that Baldwin has railed against cancel culture, saying in March that he thought it’s “creating more problems than it solves.”

“It’s like trolling. It’s like a giant, mile-long net and you’re catching a lot of people, more than a few who deserve it, and more than a few who don’t. Or they don’t deserve to have their careers and their lives destroyed.”

Baldwin also cut a video that Cuomo shared at the start of the pandemic, which urged Americans to take the advice of Cuomo, New York state officials, and Dr. Fauci to stay home to minimize the spread of COVID-19.


President Joe Biden on Tuesday claimed Cuomo’s resignation was “so sad” because, according to Biden, Cuomo did a “hell of a job” as governor. As The Daily Wire reported:

President Joe Biden praised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during a Tuesday press conference for his work as governor, saying he did a “hell of a job,” and then got testy with a reporter who asked him a follow-up question on the matter.

“Ironically, one of the Democrats, through the years that you spoke with about infrastructure the most was Andrew Cuomo, who is resigning, who announced he’s resigning today,” a reporter said to Biden during a press conference after Cuomo announced that he was resigning earlier in the day. “You had traveled New York with him when you were vice president to the launch of the reconstruction [inaudible]. He was someone who supported your campaign early on. I know you called him to resign. I know you condemned the alleged behavior.”

“But you’re someone who spends a lot of time with mayors and governors,” the reporter continued. “How would you assess his 10 and a half years as governor of the state?”

“In terms of his personal behavior, or what he’s done as a governor?” Biden asked.

“What he’s done as a governor,” the reporter responded.

“Well, he’s done a hell of a job … a hell of a job,” Biden responded. “And I mean, both on everything from access to voting infrastructure to a whole range of things. That’s why it’s so sad.”

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