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They’re BAAACK: Hillary, Chelsea Fire Back At Trump’s Executive Orders

By  Hank Berrien

Unable to resist the temptation to seek the limelight once again, despite the humiliation of losing an election she was widely expected to win, Hillary has returned to slamming President Trump for his executive order dealing with immigration from Muslim-majority countries. But this time, Hillary is being joined by her daughter Chelsea, whose enormous knowledge of political affairs runs the gamut, as Dorothy Parker would say, from A to B.

On Saturday, Hillary took to Twitter to express her support for those protesting against the executive order:

Who “we” are according to Clinton seems pretty clear after her tweets following the feminists’ Women’s March:

While her mother returned to the political fray, Chelsea Clinton tweeted her support of #NoBanNoWall, retweeting several posts and echoing Team Rubicon CEO Jake Wood’s statement calling the ban “un-American.”

Here are some of Chelsea’s favorites on Twitter which she retweeted:

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