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Texas Withdraws From Federal Refugee Resettlement Program Due To Security Concerns

By  Michael Qazvini

The Lone Star State is officially pulling out of the federal government’s Refugee Resettlement Program established to quickly absorb refugees from Syria and elsewhere into the fabric of American communities.

“Refugees will continue to come to Texas, albeit without the state acting as the middleman between federal dollars and local resettlement agencies,” stated popular Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. “Texas has repeatedly requested that the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Director of National Intelligence provide assurances that refugees resettled in Texas will not pose a security threat, and that the number of refugees resettled in Texas would not exceed the State’s original allocation in fiscal year 2016 — both of which have been denied by the federal government.”

Texas has resettled roughly 7,000 refugees. Many come from terrorist safe-havens in the Middle East, including Syria.

Abbott argued that the federal government has so far failed to provide proper security assurances to assuage the fear of state and local representatives.

“As governor, I will continue to prioritize the safety of all Texans and urge the federal government to overhaul this severely broken system,” he insisted.

According to NPR, “Abbott made the announcement on the day of a deadline for Texas and the federal government to negotiate next year’s refugee resettlement budget for the coming year.” The federal program will officially end in January.

Texas is the third state to withdraw from the Refugee Resettlement Program. Kansas and New Jersey were the first two to withdraw, citing the same security concerns.

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