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Terror Attack At Supermarket In France: Here’s What You Need To Know

After a harrowing hostage situation at a supermarket in Trebes, France on Friday that resulted in at least three people killed and a dozen injured, police shot dead a suspected ISIS extremist seeking “vengeance for Syria.”

After reportedly dropping off his little sister at school, the extremist, a 26-year-old Moroccan-born man with ties to jihadists, fired six shots at jogging police officers, screaming “Vengeance for Syria!” One of the officers suffered what has been described as “life-threatening injuries.”

After firing on the officers, the terrorist drove two miles to a Super-U supermarket, where terrified shoppers say he entered screaming “Allahu Akbar!

He fatally shot a butcher in the head and injured at least a dozen people before officers surrounded the building. With law enforcement now controlling all the exits, the terrorist held eight hostages and demanded the release of another extremist responsible for an attack in Paris.

In a situation that lasted for several hours, the terrorist eventually released seven of the hostages, holding just one, a military police officer who had exchanged himself for one of the civilians, France 24 reports.

In an attempt to talk him out, officers brought the extremist’s mother and sister to the supermarket. But the effort failed and officers eventually shot the terrorist dead.

A law enforcement source told Le Parisen that the extremist had been on authorities’ radar. The Directorate General of Homeland Security had been tracking him in part because of his participation in some online jihadist forums. His record also shows past criminal charges for drug-related offenses.

The Sun highlights the account of one supermarket customer, Carole, who described the incident to Franceinfo radio: “A man shouted and fired several times. I saw a cold room door, I asked people to come and take shelter,” she said. “We were ten, and we stayed an hour. There were more gunshots and we went out the back door.”

“The man entered the shop screaming ‘Allahu Akbar (Allahu is greater), I’ll kill you all,” Mayor Eric Menassi told LCI TV.

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