Telemundo Reporter Confirms: Alleged Rapist Is In ‘Domestic Relationship’ With 10-Year-Old Victim’s Mother
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

A Telemundo reporter confirmed on Friday that alleged rapist Gerson Fuentes is involved in a domestic relationship with the mother of the 10-year-old girl he has been charged with raping.

According to a recent Telemundo report, a woman claiming to be the mother of the young rape victim — whose tragic case sparked debate about when exceptions should be made for abortions even in states where they are subject to broader restrictions — told a reporter that the media was lying about Fuentes.

The Friday report raised questions about whether the woman was attempting to protect Fuentes because she was involved personally with the accused — as one woman who claimed to know her said that she was.

“Telemundo’s @MariaVargasPion confirms domestic relationship in horrendous Ohio rape case,” The Media Research Center’s Jorge Bonilla tweeted, adding, “It is, in fact, a domestic relationship- and there are additional children in the household. Horrendous.”


“Hiding her face, this woman who opened for us the door of the home where the police confirm Gerson Fuentes lives — charged with raping a 10-year-old girl, identified herself as the mother of the minor and stated that he is innocent,” Vargas-Pion reported.

“Telemundo News confirmed with two people who knew her that she is indeed the girl’s mother,” her report continued. “Including Daisy Torres, who claims that they both frequent the same night club.”

Vargas-Pion reported that she showed Torres video and photos of the woman who had answered the door, and Torres was able to confirm that she was the mother of the young girl in question. “She also said that the woman is in a relationship with Gerson Fuentes.”

“And he is the father of the child she is carrying in her womb right now,” Torres added.

“So the woman is pregnant,” Vargas-Pion repeated.

The case made national headlines after reports first circulated that the 10-year-old, impregnated as the result of a rape, had been forced to travel to Indiana to obtain an abortion after Ohio laws tightened in the wake of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Those reports were quickly followed by a series of questions centered on the lack of legal action being take to pursue the alleged rapist — after which more details emerged and Fuentes was identified as the suspect.

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