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Ted Nugent Forwards Nasty Anti-Semitic Tripe On Facebook

By  Robert

The Motor City Madman forwarded anti-Semitic propaganda on his Facebook page, parroting the narrative of malevolent Jewish political machinations. Well known for his passionate defense of the Second Amendment and the reasons for its composition by The Framers, the best case scenario is that Ted Nugent is unaware of the tropes underpinning the graphic he shared with his followers.

Posts sympathetic to the message Nugent forwarded were filled with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic tropes, invoking modern iterations of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The same conspiratorial narratives are widely subscribed to among Muslims and Arabs.

The myriad of anti-Semitic tropes included but were not limited to Holocaust denial, Israel’s mistaken attack on the USS Liberty, references “Israel-Firster” persons alluding to allegations of Jewish dual loyalty, “Jewish Supremacy,” Ashkenazi Jews not being “real Jews,” and cartoon images disparaging Jews as unseemly.

Comments were reminiscent of what one would find on Stormfront or Al-Jazeera.

Everyone’s favorite KKK white nationalist “Dr.” David Duke was also attracted to the post.

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