Stephanopoulos’ Wife: Our 14-Year-Old Daughter Screamed ‘NO ABORTION!’ After Horrifying Trump Win


While appearing on a show that lowers the collective IQ of the nation by at least one standard deviation, The View, Ali Wentworth, wife of ABC News Objective News Anchor™ George Stephanopoulos explained what Election Night was like at the Stephanopoulos/Wentworth home: “It involves my 14-year-old getting upset about the election and screaming ‘NO ABORTION!’ really loudly, and I was like, ‘you haven’t kissed a boy yet. Don’t use that term so flippantly.’”

If you’re wondering why the left has gone insane, perhaps it’s because they were raised to be insane, and they’re raising their children the same way.

Why in the world does a 14-year-old girl think that her world is ending because Donald Trump has been elected president? More importantly, why would she think her world is ending because of possible restrictions on abortion? Are leftist parents truly raising their daughters to believe that their rights to freedom are dependent on their ability to kill their own offspring in the womb?

I will raise my children to believe that certain rights are sacred: the right to religious practice, the right to freedom of speech, the right to defend ourselves. But the notion of teaching a little girl that abortion is the chief right women should expect from their government, or that their life is somehow inevitably impacted by laws cracking down on abortion is patently nuts. The fact that some leftists apparently teach their children that liberty can be boiled down not to individual choice and responsibility for that choice, but to the ability to pay a clinic to remove a baby from the womb – that’s reprehensible.

As the parent of a daughter, here’s what I plan to tell her about abortion: “Honey, when you get married, and when you have sex and get pregnant, that will be the greatest joy you can experience – I know that because it was the greatest joy your mother and I ever experienced. Your birth was the highlight of our lives, and your existence is a timeless reminder that God loves us and you, and that He favors us with miracles, none greater than your creation. You are beloved of God, and your children will be too. Children are the greatest gift we can receive. To spurn that gift – and to destroy another human life – is a great evil, no matter countervailing concerns.”

We’re religious. But even if we weren’t, the lecture wouldn’t change all that much: children are the greatest thing in life — and they are lives, regardless of religion or secularism — and suggesting that true freedom lies in the ability to kill children in the womb is gross. Propagandizing 14-year-olds with that suggestion is even more gross.

But if you tell your kids that Evil Republicans are coming in the night to raid your womb, it’s no wonder they get hysterical when Democrats lose elections.