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States Can’t Defund Planned Parenthood Under New Obama Rule

President Barack Obama knows that his legacy could be in jeopardy from the incoming Trump administration, so with a snap of his fingers Obama decreed that states can’t defund Planned Parenthood.

On Wednesday, Obama approved of a new regulation from the Department of Health and Human Services that prevents states from blocking Title X funding to Planned Parenthood. Prior to the rule, states like Florida and Tennessee had directed Title X funding to other health centers instead of Planned Parenthood, especially in light of videos showing Planned Parenthood’s affinity for dismembering babies and selling their body parts for profit.

“The amendment precludes project recipients from using criteria in their selection of subrecipients that are unrelated to the ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries in an effective manner,” the rule states.

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) blasted the new rule in an interview with Life News.

“President Obama knows that hope is rising for the innocent victims of Planned Parenthood’s brutality and the big abortion industry’s days of taxpayer-funded windfalls are numbered,” Black said. “We should not be surprised that his administration would lash out with this eleventh hour power grab on the way out the door, but I am certain this rule will not stand for long.”

Black said that the Republican majority in Congress will work with President Donald Trump when he takes office to repeal the regulation and “enact new legal protections” for unborn babies.

“The Obama Administration will not have the last word,” Black said. “With this new year comes renewed opportunity to fight for the dignity of every unborn child, the wellbeing of every struggling mother, and the conscience rights of every American taxpayer.”

CNS News’s Lynn Wardle noted in September that the rule highlights the massive influence of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry on the Obama administration as well as how the abortion industry doesn’t just want abortion to be a choice, it wants the “choice” to be imposed on all Americans through the funding of tax dollars.

For more on the barbarity of Planned Parenthood, check out Ben Shapiro’s video below:

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