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Sportscaster: Hey, Female Trump Supporter Deserved To Get Smacked Around!

Apparently, if you want to exercise your First Amendment rights in America now, you better be prepared to be pelted with eggs from intolerant thugs. I mean, you’re just asking for it.

On Thursday night, a rally for Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump in San Jose, California turned into a near-riot. Anti-Trump protesters threw eggs and bottles, chanted anti-American slurs, burned American flags, vandalized vehicles and even bloodied Trump supporters.

Somehow, someway, various Leftists—including the mayor of San Jose—found a way to blame Trump for the violent thugs’ actions. One sportscaster, Paul Cicala, from Tucson, Arizona, went as far to say that a female Trump supporter deserved to be cornered and pelted with eggs by protesters because her t-shirt said “Trump” on it.

Here’s the disturbing incident, as reported by NBC News’ Jacob Rascon:

Watch: The moment a Trump supporter, surrounded by protesters, is egged in the face, hit by other food.

— Jacob Rascon (@Jacobnbc) June 3, 2016

Cicala immediately scolded Rascon for his reporting, claiming that he omitted that the Trump supporter somehow provoked the thugs via her attire and thus deserved the attack.

Yes, please be fair, Rascon, the woman had a t-shirt that said “Trump” on it. OF COURSE she deserved to be pelted with eggs and various foods in the face.

Cicala conceded that the protesters “are definitely wrong,” but then quickly doubled down on his original assertion that she deserved it: “But, she has to be careful egging them on or she sets herself up for that,” he wrote.

Cicala subsequently deleted his Twitter account—the cowardly escape.

One would think that this disgusting violence by thugs hell-bent on desecrating the First Amendment would be totally and completely condemned, not incoherently justified.

Then again, this is the Left we are talking about.

H/T Mediaite