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SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR: American Airlines ‘Looking Into’ Lena Dunham’s Allegation That Employees Engaged In ‘Transphobic Talk.’ Yes, Seriously.

By  Michael Qazvini

American Airlines is taking blob-shaped actress and hardcore Hillary Clinton supporter Lena Dunham’s allegations that employees engaged in “transphobic talk” seriously. The airline company directly responded to claims made by Dunham, in which she expressed her dire concern about supposed hate speech.

Dunham obliged and sent her version of the hateful events that transpired at an airport terminal in New York.

In response, American Airlines said that it would review the matter seriously.

Riding her high horse of apparent moral victory, Dunham celebrated by preaching to her core audience of unhinged leftist social justice warriors.

The world is doomed. Lena Dunham is now calling out American Airlines and using her celebrity to force them to respond. And in a cowardly act of submission, the company responded, playing into Dunham’s disturbing behavior and paranoid social justice conspiracies for PR purposes.

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