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So Who’s The Anonymous Anti-Trump WH Official? Here Are The Bookies’ Odds.

By  James

So who is the anonymous White House senior official who penned the bombshell op-ed in The New York Times describing the “resistance” to Trump among administration officials? Bookies are placing odds on the question, with Vice President Mike Pence only trailing “the field” among the picks.

The New York Post highlighted Wednesday the newest “Donald Trump Special” over at MyBookie: “Will be revealed the writer of the NYTimes op-ed.

“The field,” someone not included among the list of 18 Trump administration officials, is the biggest favorite, at -300 (or 1-3 odds). Next is Pence, at -150 (2-3 odds).

“What tipped us off [to Pence] was ‘lodestar,'” said MyBookie’s David Strauss, the Post reports. “When you search members of the administration (who have used that word) only one name comes up – and that name is Mike Pence. He’s used in multiple speeches this year.”

Below are all the named officials and the odds:

  1. Vice President Mike Pence (-150)
  2. Education Secretary Betsy Devos (+200)
  3. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (+400)
  4. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (+400)
  5. Chief of Staff John F. Kelly (+400)
  6. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis (+500)
  7. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (+500)
  8. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (+600)
  9. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue (+600)
  10. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (+700)
  11. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta (+700)
  12. HHS Secretary Alex Azar (+800)
  13. HUD Secretary Ben Carson (+800)
  14. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie (+800)
  15. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen (+1000)
  16. First Daughter Ivanka Trump (+1200)
  17. Senior Advisor Jared Kushner (+1200)
  18. Senior Advisor Stephen Miller (+1500)

The Post notes that another bookie, Canada-based Bovada, listed Sessions as the favorite at 5-2 odds, followed by Pence (3-1) and Kelly (4-1).

MyBookie is also taking bets on whether Trump will charge the official with treason. “Yes” is the favorite at -200; “No” is at +160.

You can also bet on whether Trump will be impeached. The odds are currently not in impeachment’s favor.

UPDATE: Two of the officials listed in MyBookie’s odds, including the favorite, have made clear that anyone putting money on them won’t see any returns:

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