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Skier Missing In New York Found A Week Later 2,900 Miles Away In California, Confused And Still Wearing Helmet, Goggles

Constantinos Filippidis, 49, went on a ski trip with his buddies from Toronto, crossing into the U.S. to ski at Whiteface Mountain in upstate New York.

On Wednesday of last week, Filippidis — known as “Danny” — told his pals he was going to squeeze in one more run, and headed out to the slopes alone.

Then he vanished.

Authorities conducted a massive search of the mountain for Danny. Hundreds of volunteers spent some 7,000 hours combined combing every inch of the ski resort. Helicopters and rescue dogs were deployed. The Department of Homeland Security, New York State Police, New York Department of Conservation, United States Customs and Border Protection and officials in Toronto all helped in the search.

But no trace of Danny.

On Tuesday, six days later, he was found — 2,900 miles away in Sacramento, California. He was in confused state — still wearing his ski helmet and goggles, officials said.

No one knows how he got there. He had left behind his car and his passport, so authorities say he likely didn’t fly.

It was actually Danny who contacted police in Sacramento. Officials there say he is in fine health.

Danny, a father of two and a 28-year veteran firefighter, “was found alone confused and unable to answer questions as to how he got to California,” the Daily Mail reported.

On Wednesday, authorities in Sacramento released new information about the odd case, NBC-5 reported.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said Danny was found alone on Tuesday near the rental car terminal at the Sacramento airport. “He told investigators he didn’t know what day it was.”

He told deputies he hit his head or experienced some sort of head trauma. Filippidis said he caught a ride from Wilmington, New York, to Sacramento on a big rig. He said he was sleeping for most of the 2,900-mile, 44-hour trip to California.

Filippidis told investigators he was traveling with a credit card and about $1,000 in cash. He left his identification and passport with his belongings at Whiteface Mountain and his car was still in the parking lot. Deputies said Filippidis bought a cellphone at some point along the way to California, but he doesn’t remember where.

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