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SHOCK VIDEO: Antifa Scream At, Spit On Trump Supporter

On Sunday, all hell broke loose when police officers were told to stand down during the violent, left-wing (and ironically named) “Rally Against Hate” in Berkeley, California. Tens of thousands of leftists hit the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park to protest a right-wing “March Against Marxism” that didn’t even take place; it was cancelled due to threats of violence. At least 100 of those leftists were black-clad “anti-fascists,” rioting and assaulting anyone with whom they disagree.

In one of the more disturbing reports from the chaos, an innocent Trump supporter was caught on video being called a “Nazi” — though, of course, there was zero evidence to support this claim — and spat on by a group of rabid and cowardly Antifa members. The black-clad “protesters” stole the man’s flag, hat, and glasses, as well.

“Trump supporter Arthur Schaper … became a target,” reports CBS SF Bay Area. “A mob chased him for a block and a half, took his flag, Trump hat and glasses, and spat all over him.”

“You know, I’m okay with people making white supremacists feel unwelcome,” said one Democrat seemingly condoning the violence, wearing plain clothes, and not the all-black gear typically asociated with Antifa. “I mean, excuse me, like, you’re making me feel unsafe in my own country because I’m a Jew. And, I’m like, what does this mean for our society?”

(Relevant footage begins a the 2-minute mark.)

​One journalist and at least one police officer were injured at the “anti-hate” rally and a reported 13 protesters were arrested.

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