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Shapiro On Kelly File: Only Thing That Can Stop Trump Is Sex Scandal With Horse

On The Kelly File Thursday night, Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro created hilarity when host Megyn Kelly asked a panel comprised of Shapiro, Dana Loesch of The Blaze’s Dana! and Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt whether The Washington Post’s claim was accurate that their employment of 20 writers to write a book about Donald Trump and cover every part of his life was simply part of covering candidates aggressively.

Kelly started with Stirewalt, who agreed that the coverage was the normal part of aggressively covering a campaign, but noted, “Once a Republican gets out of the nominating process, they come out with giant machetes, with the hacking, ‘Mitt Romney cut a guy’s hair,’” etc.

Then the fun began as Kelly noticed that the background behind Shapiro was a wall of bricks.

Kelly: What do you think, Ben? Ben, you look like you’re in a line-up. I don’t know where we have you tonight.

Shapiro, laughing: Well, listen, this is where Donald Trump is going to put me after this election if he wins the presidency, so I’m just preparing.

Kelly: Oh, that’s better; I see a flower pot behind you. What do you think? I mean, do you think this is a case of the media holding back because we have been told by a lot of folks during the Republican primary, “Oh, the media, as soon as Trump gets it, if he gets it, they’re going to unleash hell on him.”

Shapiro: I do think the media has been holding back but I think this is a reality TV show that’s far beyond what they can control at this point. Today’s Ryan/Trump meeting was basically The Bachelor with Reince Priebus playing Chris Harrison; and the only question was whether Ryan was going to give Trump a rose or whether he was going to offer him a night in the fantasy suite. This whole thing is so far beyond the realm of natural politics that I’m not sure the media can control it. What do they hit him with at this point? He’s done everything publicly; he’s been in every scandal imaginable. Unless you catch him with a horse or something, I’m not sure what damages him.

After Kelly and the panel stopped laughing, Kelly turned to Loesch, who pointed out that the media never acted so aggressively with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Stirewalt followed by acknowledging Shapiro’s point about the breathless coverage of the Ryan/Trump meeting, saying they covered it like a “papal visit.”

Kelly pointed out that CNN covered the landing of Trump’s plane, prompting Loesch to add to the fun, stating, “I was shocked they didn’t have a hologram.”

Kelly turned back to Shapiro, who took the hilarity and literary references to another level.

Kelly: Ben, one of my favorite things tonight was an MSNBC banner that read: “Breaking news: Trump gives thumbs-up heading into meeting.”

Shapiro: What in the hell is going on here? They’re treating him, with the plane on the tarmac, they’re treating him like he’s some kind of J.D. Salinger-esque recluse and you can’t find him anywhere: “He’s so difficult to find we have to keep the cameras on him at all times lest Donald Trump escape from our eyes.” You have a guy who’s blowing on a ram’s horn; it’s not even a Jewish holiday and he’s blowing on a ram’s horn and singing odes to Trump outside the Ryan meeting and the media are covering this like it’s news. I mean, it’s unreal.

Video below: