Sarsour Threatens: ‘I Am Taking Names … They Will Pay With Their Pockets’


On Thursday, radical anti-Semite and Islamist supporting Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour threatened her political enemies on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what she had to say:

This was an anodyne version of her Facebook post:

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Yes, Linda, it was the alt-right Zionists behind all your problems. Never mind that the alt-right hates Zionism and stands with you on the issue. Never mind that you blame Zionists for all problems in the world and say they can’t be feminists or part of a broader left-wing movement. Never mind that you’ve spent your career cozying up to terror supporters and threatening moderate Muslims and victims of Islamic radicalism. No, you’re the victim.

Lawfare is one of the favorite tactics of “anti-Islamophobia” scam artists. Apparently Sarsour is preparing to unleash that tactic, too.