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Sarah Sanders To White House Press Corps: You Cover Stories Americans ‘Don’t Care About’

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders doesn’t mince words.

“Frankly, you have the ability to choose what you want to write about, and you guys choose to write about things the American people don’t care about — day in and day out. That’s a decision you make, and frankly, I think it’s the wrong one,” she told reporters covering the White House daily briefing on Monday.

Sanders’ comments followed another inane question by a “journalist.” While President Trump has now been in office for more than 500 days — and this topic has come up on nearly every one of them since he took the oath — the reporter asked: “Has anyone in this administration ever asked the president — last week, you had, on your agenda — you had an agenda where you have more jobs coming out — I mean, lower unemployment coming, and you also had — the Second Chance Act, I think it was. And instead of those, we had to respond to presidential tweets. Has anybody ever in this administration asked him to back away from Twitter just for a day?”

The mainstream media does decide each day what to cover, and often, they skew the news to fit their desires. CNN’s website, at the moment this article was published, featured a top story headlined: “Trump’s Appalling Statement on the Eagles.” In tiny print underneath was the word “analysis” — which nowadays means straight-up opinion.

While Trump has been busy of late making some incredible news — on Iran, on North Korea, on China, as well as the economy— the MSM has decided to focus on some really stupid and pointless topics.

One day last month, the top story on CNN’s webpage was: “Doctor: Trump wrote his own glowing health letter.” Inside the piece, CNN touts the piece as “EXCLUSIVE.” Under that piece is this: “Analysis: 4 reasons why Trump faking a doctor’s note matters.” Yes, CNN broke off one of its highly-skilled “journalists” to tell us why a claim from a former Trump doctor really matters to you, Mr. or Mrs. America.

On the same day, over at the vaunted New York Times, another “journalist” penned this important piece: “‘We’ll See,’ Trump Says on North Korea. And Iran. And Nafta. And So On.” Yes, Trump often says we’ll have to wait to see how things play out.. The implication was, of course, that Trump doesn’t know enough — “a new-to-the-game politician,” the Times said — to be an effective president.

It all gets worse. In April, NewsBusters analysts examined transcripts of all CNN broadcasts that aired between April 12 and April 16, finding 77 separate mentions of an unproven claim that Trump once paid prostitutes to urinate on each other while in Moscow. On Wednesday, Newsbusters reported that CNN has put Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, on the air 59 times in less than two months. CNN has also devoted an entire segment to the size of Trump’s trouser legs. Seriously.

So Sanders has called the press out — again. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.