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Sam Elliott: Weinstein Scandal ‘Best Thing That’s Happened To Hollywood In A Long Time’

By  Joseph Curl

Hollywood actor Sam Elliott calls the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein scandal “the best thing that’s happened to Hollywood in a long time.”

So far, more than 50 women have come out with allegations against the one-time movie mogul. Other directors, writers and producers — including filmmaker James Toback and writer-director David O. Russell — have also been accused of sexual harassment and assault. Also, a Twitter campaign — #metoo — has trended heavily, giving women new voices to speak up about their own experiences.

Speaking to Variety magazine, Elliott said the women who have spoken out have shown “strength,” and that will be a catalyst for change in Hollywood.

“How can it not [be]?” he said. “Once you’ve given that kind of strength that this unveiling has given to a given population — the women of the world — how can you take it back?”

The mustachioed star of The Big Lebowski and dozens of other films said he was disappointed in how “women in this town have been put upon by the men in this business the way they have for so long.”

“That’s not to say it’s not a two-way street for some. There’s a lot of girls who get into this game, and they’ll do anything to survive and thrive, but there’s also a bunch of innocents that come to town that are just f**king ground up by it,” the 73-year-old star said.

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