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Russia Calls Iran Its Favorite Peace Partner

On Tuesday, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Moscow and showered the mullah-led regime with praise.

Iran is a “good neighbor and reliable and stable partner,” said Putin. “Russia and Iran share many years, if not centuries, of bilateral cooperation.”

Pointing to the fact that Russia and Iran have maintained a diplomatic relationship for over five centuries, Putin insisted that the Kremlin will continue to work with Tehran on everything from military cooperation to trade and energy issues.

“Putin said trade between the countries rose 70% last year,” reports USA Today. “The two sides this week signed more than a dozen agreements on economics, tourism, diplomacy and other issues, the Kremlin said.”

Rouhani returned Putin’s warm sentiments, lauding Russia’s military involvement in Syria.

“Our ultimate goal is strengthening peace and stability in the region,” the Iranian president said, shamelessly describing the bloody joint Russian-Iranian efforts in Syria to artificially prop up the tyrannical Assad regime in Orwellian terms.

The two countries have bonded over the collective slaughter in a country that has produced the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Millions have been displaced and hundreds of thousands have been killed in what can only be described as a bloodbath. Buttressing their client state, Russia and Iran offered their patronage to Assad, the butcher of Damascus, as he deployed chemical weapons against his own civilians.

The people of Syria have suffered every kind of death imaginable, thanks to this unholy alliance of anti-Western regional powers.

Russian barrel bombs have incinerated Syrians. Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia have unloaded bullets indiscriminately, killing anti-regime opposition. Given the death and destruction left behind, the dead may be the lucky ones. From Aleppo to Homs, children with blown-off limbs crawl the streets of Syria wondering what they did wrong.

A generation of Syrians has been traumatized by a genocidal war choreographed in Moscow and Tehran.

Syrian blood is what now forges the the strong partnership between Iran and Russia; and it may too late to rip Rouhani from Putin’s warm bear hug.

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