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ROUGH: Twitter Trolls Brutally Mock Joel Osteen Over Hurricane Controversy

By  Paul Bois

Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen has had a rough week in the PR department over the controversy alleging that his 16,000-seat arena Lakewood Church did not open its doors to provide shelter during the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey. Now the trolls are out in force, brutally mocking him on Twitter with eclectic memes.

The controversy began on Monday when reports surfaced on social media that the megachurch pastor — who is persona non grata among many Christians for promoting what has become known as the “prosperity gospel” that depicts God as a jackpot slot machine — turned scores of people seeking shelter away from his church to bear the hurricane alone. In the morning after, the full-story came to light indicating that Lakewood Church had worked in concert with the city and agreed to serve as a resource distribution center and give shelter only after the nearby convention center had reached full capacity. Since Tuesday, Lakewood has sheltered people and served as a distribution center.

In fairness to Osteen, his congregation has aided in relief efforts prior to the hurricane, most recently hosting a benefit concert in 2016 after heavy flooding, and sheltering roughly 5,000 Texans displaced by a tropical storm in 2001.

Even though the facts lean in Osteen’s favor here, the courtroom of public opinion has issued a guilty verdict, and now the wrath of the trolls begins.

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