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RIOT: Police Declare State Of Emergency After Protesters Clash In Portland

By  Emily Zanotti

A group of Antifa marchers clashed with a “Patriot Prayer” group demonstrating in downtown Portland Saturday and, according to local law enforcement, the scene got very ugly very quickly.

The Portland Police were forced to declare a riot “after tensions between the right-wing Patriot Prayer group and local ‘anti-fascist’ activists came to a head and broke out in violence,” the Oregonian reported.

Patriot Prayer, which has been associated with elements of the alt-right, had a permit to demonstrate in Portland’s Federal Plaza Saturday, but Antifa showed up for a “counter-demonstration.” Before marchers had even stepped foot on the street, police had already seized “utility knives, clubs, and chemical sprays” from Antifa “counter-protesters” and detained several people clad in black associated with the group.

As marchers moved onto Portland’s third avenue, things “turned ugly,” according to the Oregonian account.

“Anti-fascist counter-demonstrators immediately began lobbing eggs, half-empty water bottles, and firecrackers at the conservative marchers, prompting federal police to fire paintballs filled with pepper-spray into the crowd,” the Oregonian said.

Antifa managed to strike only four people in their assault, but the projectiles began what police called a “riot.” The police were then forced to revoke the Patriot Prayer group’s permit and dissolve the demonstration.

Four members of Antifa were arrested.

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