REVEALED: Dems Engage in Voter Fraud, Stir Up Violence


So, Democrats engage in voter fraud and manipulation of violence.

What else is new?

For half a century, Democrats have engaged in the worst sort of election manipulation in close elections. Richard Nixon would likely have been president in 1960 if dead people hadn’t voted for John F. Kennedy in Chicago. Obamacare might not be law without voter fraud – the sixtieth vote for Obamacare in the Senate came courtesy of former Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken, who only gained his seat due to questionable circumstances in which the legitimate election of Norm Coleman was overturned. The former governor of Washington State, Christine Gregoire, likely became governor only thanks to voter fraud in the state.

When there’s voter fraud, the theory goes, it universally comes from one side of the aisle.

Now, thanks to James O’Keefe, we know the truth of that theory. According to Democratic operative Scott Foval, who works for top Democratic operative Bob Creamer, operatives rent cars to drive to different sites. Foval said, “you can’t prove conspiracy.” Foval explained, “You know what? We’ve been busing people into deal with you f***ing a******s for 50 years, and we’re not going to stop now.”

We also know, thanks to O’Keefe, that Democrats have attempted to prompt Trump backers into violence. According to his tapes, “black hat operatives” working for Bob Creamer, a Democratic activist, “bird dogged” Trump rallies, attempting to mock and insult Trump strongly enough to draw a violent reaction that would be caught on video and exploited. Creamer is founder of Democracy Partners, a group that works directly with the Clinton campaign. “We train up our people…to get themselves into a situation on tape, on camera, that we can use later,” said Foval. Foval explicitly used a hand-crafted example – that of a 69-year-old woman who said she’d been assaulted at a Trump rally – to explain what he meant. He then stated, “The campaign pays DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, the Foval Group goes and executes the s*** on the ground.” The Clinton campaign specifically used “bird dogging” according to Wikileaks emails.

Now, does this mean that Donald Trump, if he loses, will have lost because of “rigging”? No, the numbers simply don’t support that. The 2008 Senatorial election in Minnesota was decided by just over 300 votes out of well over 2.5 million votes cast; the 1960 election was decided by just over 100,000 votes out of nearly 70 million cast, and just under 10,000 votes in Illinois, where nearly 2.8 million votes were cast; the Washington State 2004 gubernatorial election was decided by under 150 votes out of nearly 2.8 million votes. That’s not this election.

Let’s acknowledge reality: Donald Trump’s “rigging” language isn’t designed to protect against rigging, but to protect against the blowback from getting hammered at the polls.

That said, let’s take measures to prevent voter fraud – yes, including voter ID. Let’s always take media accounts of violence with a grain of salt, particularly since the media seem not to care about violent assaults on Trump ralliers across the country and Trump offices across the country. The Democrats engage in the worst tactics imaginable. They must be stopped, regardless of who wins in three weeks.

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