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Reserve Police Officer Injures Students By Accidentally Shooting Gun In School

By  Ryan Saavedra

On Wednesday, as left-wing activists held nationwide gun control rallies which also opposed the notion of arming teachers, news broke that a reserve police officer in California accidentally discharged his firearm in a classroom injuring three students.

Math teacher Dennis Alexander, who is also a reserve police officer for the Sand City Police Department and a Seaside councilman, was trying to show his class on Tuesday how to “disarm someone and was checking if the weapon was loaded,” NBC News reported

Seaside Police Chief Abdul Pridgen said three students were injured from debris falling from the ceiling, although none of the injuries appeared to be serious.

School district officials said that Alexander was not authorized to carry a weapon on campus and Pridgen said police are investigating whether Alexander “may have violated a city ordinance or penal code by bringing a gun onto campus.”

NBC News conveniently buried the fact in the seventh paragraph of their report that Alexander is a reserve police officer at a time when left-wing activists are trying to dispel the notion that arming teachers would prevent mass shootings.

These same activists believe that arming police officers is the only appropriate measure in terms of hardening schools from a potential gunman, yet, as this story shows, even police officers can make mistakes with firearms.

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