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Report: ‘Smart Gun’ Industry Invested Heavily Into Obama’s Presidential Campaigns

During Tuesday’s weepfest, President Barack Obama touted funding for the research of “smart guns.” As it turns out, the president’s promotion of smart guns has a history. According to a report, Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns received donations from the smart gun industry.

“We need to develop new technologies that make guns safer,” Obama said during his announcement of his executive orders Tuesday. “If we can set it up so you can’t unlock your phone unless you’ve got the right fingerprint, why can’t we do the same thing for our guns? If there’s an app that can help us find a missing tablet—which happens to me often the older I get—if we can do it for your iPad, there’s no reason we can’t do it with a stolen gun. If a child can’t open a bottle of aspirin, we should make sure that they can’t pull a trigger on a gun. Right? So we’re going to advance research. We’re going to work with the private sector to update firearms technology.”

The Washington Free Beacon found through that the following from the smart gun industry donated to Obama’s two presidential campaigns, including:

  • Employees at Sandia National Laboratories ($19,908 in 2008, $17,090 in 2012).
  • Lockheed Martin, which includes Sandia National Laboratories. ($262,376 in 2008 and 2012).
  • Employees from the New Jersey Institute for Technology ($8,050 in 2008, $9,100 in 2012).

The problem with smart guns is that they don’t work. As The Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro writes, “There are no magical guns that read fingerprints, activate quickly, and work consistently. They do not exist. If they did exist, I would buy one. But President Obama, in his true ‘government knows how to invest your money’ fashion, thinks throwing money at smart guns will work.”

Radio host and author Dana Loesch explains further:

Gun owners by and large roll their eyes at smart gun tech because it’s completely errant, unsafe, unpredictable, and frankly a silly choice for defense. Here is one test where the heralded first choice for smart guns failed miserably. Sorry, but if I’m defending myself against a rapist in a parking garage, I don’t think he’s going to wait for my wristband to take 20 seconds to pair with my gun (that’s if it does so successfully, whereas tests of Armatix iP1 struggled to do even this, to say nothing of the difficulties with the trigger). Read the full review. Additionally, smart gun advocates are championing pricing poor people out of their Second Amendment rights. Smart gun tech is as faulty as it is expensive and if the free market supported firearms with bulky tech that made usage impossible we wouldn’t need the President executive ordering federal funds to pay for additional research to again prove the obvious. I suppose in keeping with progressive narrative building I have to ask why they are so against allowing poor people in high crime, urban areas to exercise their Second Amendment right? The poor would be the hardest hit.

The smart gun industry is now becoming the green industry–a supposedly noble cause that really is nothing more than Obama paying off his crony campaign bundlers through government funding. Crony capitalism at its finest.

This article has been corrected to reflect the number of smart gun companies donating to Obama’s campaigns, the source of the dollar amounts and that some of the donors were employees from Sandia National Laboratories and the New Jersey Institute for Technology.

Image (AP): “President Barack Obama reaches to wipe a tear from his eye as he talks about victims of the Sandy Hook shootings, as he speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016, about steps his administration is taking to reduce gun violence.”

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