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Report: Obama Admin Dismantled Units Probing Iran’s Terror Funding

All of the media attention was focused on the hearing of fired FBI director James Comey, but another hearing took place on Thursday that revealed more explosive and important information: the Obama administration dismantled units that were investigating Iran’s network of terror funding.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that David Asher, who works for two national security think tanks and has been advisor to various federal departments over the issue of terror financing, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that the previous administration “systematically disbanded any internal or external stakeholder action that threatened to derail the administration’s policy agenda focused on Iran” — meaning that it was done to preserve the Iran deal.

“We lost much of the altitude we had gained in our global effort, and many aspects including key personnel, who were reassigned, budgets that were slashed — many key elements of the investigations that were underway were undermined,” Asher said. “Today we have to deal with the legacy of that and how we rebuild this capability — knowing that you can have a nuclear deal with Iran and you can contain and disrupt their illicit activities.”

The consequences of the Obama administration’s actions resulted in the United States missing a golden opportunity “to deter, disrupt, and publicly illuminate Hezbollah’s global illicit network,” the Iranian proxy terror group that had two of its members arrested in the U.S. on Thursday.

But Hezbollah is only one aspect of the terror network that Iran funds, as Syria and Venezuela’s governments are also part of Iran’s terror financial network. Asher called the collaboration between Iran, Venezuela, Syria and Hezbollah “astonishing.”

“The evidentiary base to take down this entire global network exists,” Asher said. “The facts are clear.”

And yet, the Obama administration hampered efforts to take down the network by dismantling entities investigating it.

“We had operations that were denied overseas,” Asher said. “We had funding that was cut. People were making decisions that the counter-terrorism mission and the Iran nuclear deal was a central and all-important element whereas containing Iran’s malevolent forces was less important.”

This is not the only way the Obama administration has curtailed efforts to crack down on Iranian terrorism: in April, it was reported that the Obama administration stopped investigations into figures that were selling arms and nuclear material to the Iranian regime.

Clearly, the Obama administration’s commitment to securing that precious Iran deal caused them to halt efforts cracking down on the regime’s terror network, a truly perverse set of priorities.

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