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WATCH: Harvey Weinstein Smacked By Man At Restaurant

Disgraced megaproducer Harvey Weinstein was physically confronted at a restaurant on Tuesday night by a man who proudly told TMZ about it afterward. Luckily for Weinstein, his attacker’s drunkenness appears to have saved him from any serious harm.

The incident took place Tuesday evening at Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. TMZ confirmed details of the account of “Steve,” who was dining at the same restaurant as Weinstein and his sobriety coach.

Steve says he approached Weinstein and told him that he admired his movies and asked if he’d take a photo with him. Weinstein declined.

Steve claims that Weinstein became belligerent at the request, but the restaurant manager told TMZ that Weinstein was actually “very sweet about it” and simply said he’d “rather not take a picture right now.” The two men shook hands afterward, the manager noted.

Things went south around 9 p.m., though it could’ve easily been worse. TMZ reports:

At around 9 PM, Weinstein and his sober coach got up to leave at the same time Steve and his dinner companion were leaving. Steve tells TMZ he had “quite a bit to drink,” told his friend to fire up his cell phone and shoot video of what was about to happen.

Steve says he walked up to Weinstein and said, “You’re such a piece of s*** for what you did to these women,” and then punched him in the face twice. He says Weinstein stumbled backward and almost fell.

A restaurant manager says neither attempted punch connected, and the guy was drunk and out of control.

All parties agree that Steve was drunk and failed to land either of the “punches,” TMZ notes. Weinstein told the guy filming the attempted assault that he wasn’t interested in reporting the incident to police and simply left the restaurant.

UPDATE: Here’s the video published by TMZ. What was described as “punches” appear to be more like backhanded slaps, but clearly things got ugly:

Weinstein has been accused by dozens of women of sexual misconduct spanning several decades, including sexual harassment and even a few accusations of rape. Soon after the first allegations broke, he was fired by the film company he helped found, The Weinstein Co, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences suspended his membership indefinitely. Weinstein denies having any nonconsensual sexual relationships with women.