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REPELLENT: Polish Company Sells Socks That Look Like Hitler

In Poland, the same country in which Adolf Hitler and his Nazis murdered three million of the six million Jews they murdered during the Holocaust, and where the Nazis killed roughly 2.7 million non-Jewish Poles, a sock manufacturer decided to sell socks designed to resemble Adolf Hitler.

As the New York Post reports, the socks brand Nanushki originally advertised the socks on their website as being designed “to bring order in the socks drawer.” On Google, the socks’ description started, “A clever strategist and a born leader …”

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Communicating with Central European News, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum slammed the company for using “one of the biggest criminals in history for marketing purposes.”

After their gross insensitivity was revealed, the company renamed the “Adolf” socks “Patrick,” describing him as “a broker, financier, businessman and philanthropist. He buys, builds and balances. … He definitely does not like to talk about his past, though deep down in his cotton soul he longs for a time when everything was simpler and he would rather not give up his place in the ranking of the hundred richest socks.”

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