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Remember Rolling Stone’s Hoax Rape Story? The $7.85M Lawsuit Against the Magazine Just Began.

By  James

In November 2014, super leftist magazine Rolling Stone made the disastrous decision to publish a woefully unvetted story about an allegedly gang-raped college girl that conveniently proved all of most extreme versions of the left’s “rape culture” narrative. On Monday, jury selection began for a $7.85 million defamation lawsuit against the magazine.

In “A Rape on Campus,” The Rolling Stone told the horrifying tale of “Jackie,” a college girl who was gang-raped by frat boys and then left to fend for herself by a heartless administration. It was a harrowing and shocking story that instantly sent shock waves across the country.

Unfortunately for Rolling Stone, actual journalists still exist, even at left-leaning publications like the Washington Post. Over the next few months, Rolling Stone watched as its alarming tale completely unraveled, with the Columbia University Grad School of Journalism ultimately concluding in April 2015 that the story was “an anatomy of journalistic failure.”

Now Rolling Stone faces a $7.85 million defamation lawsuit brought by an administrator at the University of Virginia.

“UVa administrator Nicole Eramo is seeking $7.85 million from the magazine,” reports AP. “She claims the article portrayed her as indifferent to Jackie’s plight and only interested in protecting the university’s reputation.”

The trial, which is taking place in Charlottesville officially begins Monday with jury selection.

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